Swagway Swagway X1 Hoverboard Reviews

Swagway arrived broken,you can not speak with anyone reguarding returns. Cusromer service does not do anythi g and they refuse to give u a number to warranty replacement departme t everything is done though email which takes days. I ask repeatedly in ail for a numbe rto speak with someone. They expect you to pay for return shipping and want to give you a repaired boars. I did not pay for a refurbished board i paid for a bramd new o e. A good...
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Swagway We are still here to assist you in this matter!
Please give Swagtron™ the opportunity to rectify this situation!


Swagway We have not heard from you!
I am making a good-faith effort to reach out to you and assist you with this issue.
Please contact us at satisfaction@swagway.com

This product can be extremely dangerous and harmful and no one should buy it. It might be fun but definitely NOT worth the risk. Also their customer service representatives all gave conflicting information and I have gotten no where with trying to straighten this out, even after talking to Best Buy where we purchased it as well as about 7 different Swagway representatives. Do not buy their products they are very dangerous as well as extremely...
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Anonymous Hello,
I did not know you would reply on here. I would love some help with this. I thought that the reply would be in my email and today is the first time I have seen it. I...


Swagway I see you have actually posted another new complaint regarding this same issue, yet still have not responded to me here.
I would really appreciate the opportunity to help ...

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